New Social Media Release Supposedly by Trump

I cannot find verification of this, however, it’s been sent to me by several people in the past hour.  I’m reposting the video on our server, in the event that it’s taken down by YouTube.

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87 thoughts on “New Social Media Release Supposedly by Trump”

  1. Thank you for reposting this video either at the same time or after Parler was taken offline. I will be reposting this ALOT then come back and check out your site and what it has to offer. Again… thank you … Praise our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • After I saw him say, “Biden Administration”, I feel Trump failed us all. He had enough information to invoke the Executive Order. He rallies us to stand up.. What can we really do especially that they are now saying dont rally between 16-20 jan? Get angry? B.S. They are still trying to say Antifa infiltrated the capitol. Antifa started breaking the glass etc.. i dont deny it.. but who cares… patriots were there for whatever the reason. insurrection … etc… BS. Instead of looking for Ashlee Babbit (sp?) killer and motive. The guy was wearing a distinct bracelet on the video. This was clearly a pre-planned action. He should not let the left media dictate the narrative. WTF they went in… so it’s ok to steal the election, kick out observers, fake ballots… but the topic of the day is broken glass?

      He could and should have done something. He didn’t. thanks for this video. I now will just stop following the news AGAIN. Sidney Powell and Patrick Byrne and other TRUE patriots gave him enough info to use the EO.

      Trump is a good guy but he failed us when the country gave him a chance a lead and face the reality when the 2 remaining branches of the government, the SCOTUS and the Congress failed us.

      I really thought Trump was bolder than this. The only way to fight Antifa/BLM goons is to attack them with a far greater strength than they have. They will then take you to the court for exceeding the authority. You say sorry.

      They dont care about the constitution. You cant expect the constitution (SCOTUS) to protect us.

      Peace through strength? Guys, the reality is they will steal ANY election they want to. Trump lost and so did both the Georgia Senators. Same late night spike.

      I would say God give President Trump strength to follow advice of Sidney Powell and Patrick Byrne and General Flynn and to use EO. We dont need a nice guy leader. We need a fighter. Not in words. Military LOVES Trump. Because of what he says. Dont BS us with, “You have to fight”. WTF.

      Blessings to all.

      • I know. I’m disappointed too but violence will just play into Biden’s quest for authority, just as 1/6 was a trap for us. Be patient. The game is NOT over. Before he left President Trump gave the military the authority to end the state of emergency that we are now under. The 800 top brass are loyal to President Trump. Biden is forbidden to enter the Pentagon. Because five foreign powers changed our election, Trump has the authority to act, but a severe military action right now would turn a large part of the electorate away and lead to worse. Listen to Simon Parks and as Trump said “NEVER give up.” President Trump is not a quitter. He is a fighter. Let’s not quit on him now. He needs our support.

    • peace? with goons who kick out observers when counting votes? Dominate SCOTUS and change PRESIDENTIAL/SENATE elections?

      we need churches to stand up.

      we need project veritas to do more. we need more OANNs.

      We need a new generation of leaders who go into politics not to retire on a million dollar salary but to reduce the power of the government.

  2. Keep up the fight for freedom and liberty. The right to be heard and our opinions valued by those that we give the privilege to Govern. Pray for our God ordained President President Donald Trump that He will be protected and be able to continue to be our great Leader for the next four years
    God bless President Trump And God bless America

    • Watch another video of our GREAT LEADER calling it BIDEN ADMINISTRATION.

      Smell the humus. The “leader” gave up.

      Sidney Powell and Patrick Byrne are the leaders, general flynn… trump chickened out.

      i hear he is a nice guy and all, but he had this one last chance and he blewe it. what was he thinking? that the left will say he was the greatest? he may donate all his money and live in a monastery for the rest of his life and they will still call him out for things he didnt do.

      he blew it. failed us as a leader. we need to PEACEFULLY fight against ANTIFA/BLM using their tactics.

      and republican governors should be very trigger happy in terms of calling national guard as soon as those goons show up. excessive force on those guys is the only way. I am not saying kill. i am saying immediate domination. otherwise they will dominate us all like mafia in NYC before Giuliani.

      peace through strength.


  3. Hello,
    I would like a copy of the video of Trump if possible. If you wouldn’t mind. As soon as I saw it on YouTube, and tried to watch it again, they had removed it. I don’t see a way to download it from your site. Not sure if an email is possible?

  4. Thank you so much for putting this back up. I have never seen in my 71 years such an attack. I have lived to see what others told me about their experiences in communist countries now endeavoring to over America. God help us all. May we repent and turn our face toward our Lord and cry out for mercy.

  5. Maybe careful how much is shared….don’t want to tip his cards….
    Been stated we will know everything. This is a media manipulation and so many are sharing everything everywhere. Which seems we’re exposing what they don’t need us knowing about until it’s complete.
    And yes, the video is great!

    • Thank you for sharing. WE NEED TO STAND READY.. NOT START ANYTHING FIRST… Be Patient… we will know when the time is right.

  6. The person saying the lords prayer was general Flynn, guys! It was obvious- General Flynn sounds nothing like trump and nobody sounds like general Flynn… I don’t know all of the origination of the video but I know it was released on @TrumTeamnews on parlor so that was his account.

      • ok. but why do what we dont want to be done to us…?

        either way, we should all walk away from twitter and facebook and instagram.

        that is the only solution. no money, no honey. they will come back looking for us.

        have a good day, patriots.

        • Be blessed Thinking … just so you know one of your posts triggered the SPAM filter. I just set up the site yesterday, and I’m not ready to unlock it until I see the results. Just so you know, big tech could remove the servers that run Rumble just like they did Parler! This is why we are self-hosting videos.

          • George,

            thanks. i know that, but for now we should just leave. in a few newer sites will come up that will be more suitable for patriots. but we should just remind to all we can to stop using FB/Twitter, eetc…

            thanks for what you’re doing. this election steal totally sucks. trump is a good guy but he assumed he will be able to make peace with those that never wanted it in the first place. They are anti Trump now… but they would have been anti any republican … Trump was an easieer Target because he was an outsider. this election theft was definitely planned @ least a year to two in advance.

            take care George. Thanks for spreading the news.

            Blessing to you too.

  7. George, none of my longer messages are posting (this link and the read between the lines and where trump says biden admin link). can you pls check the spam filter again?

    thanks. blessing. and thanks for doing this
    Thinking Patriot

  8. To add to the below comments:

    1. We also need UNIONS to get on board. They are also infiltrated and mkultra. Millions and millions of hardworking Americans paying union dues so their money can be used against them to support these corrupt policies and officials. If you belong to a Union ask why are they endorsing Biden?

    2. We need to learn from our mistakes.
    We need elected officials that are of integrity and have the COURAGE to do the right thing! Their love for freedom and the upholding of the Constitution must be greater than their love for self. If there is no love in their heart then there is no hope and no real leadership.

    3. Every American citizen must be educated on the constitution and the foundation of this country and then learn from our mistakes.

    4. We need to be PROACTIVE in our government. That’s why things got this bad in the first place.

    5. And last but not least, we need to create a system where the intent of laws proposed are not embedded in a 500 page document. If anyone proposes a Bill and can not state the intent in an excerpt less than 3-4 sentences and the entire proposal in no more than one page then it’s an automatic denial. If they are repeat offenders then they can no longer hold any office. This is the trick they use to bog down the system and make it inefficient.

    6. Jeez, I can go on and on… so many things we can do differently if we had known now what we should have known and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

    Regarding Trump and the inaction… I was at the DC event and have to admit I NEVER realized how unsafe it was for him to do his job until I was there. Put yourself in his shoes. How can you do your job if there are enemies all around and would literally stab you in the back the first chance they get? You are constantly aware of your own safety. Some people thrive in this environment but most can’t. The fact that he has survived this long speaks in volume on his commitment to the country, to Americans and to his job. He maybe many things but being a quitter is definitely not one of them.

    What we all can do to help:
    Have faith in him and pray for him and his family’s safety.
    Fly your American flag with pride but fly it upside down indicating the country is in distress. Let it be a reminder that this fight is not just Trump’s fight alone. It is OUR fight. If we want our country back then it will take each and every awake American citizens to want it bad enough to do something about it. You can start by flying the American flag outside your houses and pray for all Americans and our country each and every single day until freedom is won! Make every day the 4th of July again, Patriots!

    “we need churches to stand up.
    we need project veritas to do more. we need more OANNs.
    We need a new generation of leaders who go into politics not to retire on a million dollar salary but to reduce the power of the government.”

  9. Found this rather disturbing. Kind of reminded me of nationalist propaganda in Germany in the 1930s. Also found the clip of rioters “praying” with uplifted hands in the Senate chambers very disturbing. I suggest we all calm down, re-focus and prayerfully read 1 Peter 2 (especially vs. 11+ with emphasis on vs. 12, 16, 19-21) and Romans 13: 1-6. God is doing a work here. Let’s trust Him and not get caught up in all the political fervor. We have more important things to do. His grace and lovingkindness to all.


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