Worthy Virtual Tours Bloopers

Of course whenever you are putting together a video, there’s bound to be a few bloopers along the way!

So here’s how my son wanted my attention while trying to put together a Worthy Virtual Tour.

Extreme Evangelism — The man from George Street

A reader of Worthy briefs sent me this inspiring video about how a man used a simple witness on George Street in Sydney, Australia reached the lives of people all over the world. If you have a few minutes, take the time to listen to this amazing testimony.

Be inspired, and keep on pressing forward for Him!

Understanding Israel’s Security Needs

Yesterday, President Obama said they were genuinely interested in creating a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel based off the 1967 borders.  Yet, a return to these borders ignores Israel’s security needs.  This short video details Israel’s defense needs in a few minutes.  Take a few minutes and watch this informative video.

Presidential Seal Falls off As Obama Speaks, then…

There’s nothing like a coincidence, if you believe in such things, to stir up some controversy!

The Most Powerful Omen
Yesterday, President Obama was speaking to a Fortune Magazine Women’s Conference in Washington, when the Presidential Seal fell from the podium onto the stage.

What happened next was ironic — with Obama’s head covering the sign behind him — “The Most Powerful Omen”.

I have to say — I find it amusing to say the least,

Until next time…

What version of the Bible are you using?

Hello!~ And, may God find you all walking in the spirit and in the shield of protection from the evil one. My husband and I gave our lives to God nearly 40 years ago and we look forward to your devotions every day. My husband has asked me to write you and ask what version of the bible you are using so that he may obtain a copy of that version. We work a lot with young people who don’t have a dad and your version would be great to use with them, (and we love it too)!~

Praise God for you and your family in the Sinai Desert!~

Your Brother & Sister in Christ,
Ezra & Linda

Shalom Ezra and Linda,

I’m not using a standard translation — I’m translating each passage myself each day. I have a problem with many of the omissions in the newer translations, so to fulfill the request by many of the readers to a more modern translation while at the same time keeping the integrity of the Hebrew and the Greek — the only way I could do both without compromising was to translate the text myself. Actually as I’m translating the text — it’s almost like a 2nd devotion the Lord speaks to me through since there’s soo much lost in translation.

God bless,


A New World, Winning a War without Weapons

A few weeks ago, I was stunned that Israel would allow the Iranian reactor in Bushehr to begin loading.  However, today’s report in the UK Guardian helps explain why Israel has not yet struck the nuclear plant.

Click to read the entire UK Guardian article.

These are a few excerpts within the UK Guardian piece.

Experts at Iran’s nuclear agency are trying to disable a complex computer virus that has attacked the country’s industrial sites and appears to be aimed at shutting down its Bushehr nuclear plant, which was due to go online next month.

Computer security experts who have studied Stuxnet since it emerged two months ago believe it was designed specifically to attack the Siemens-designed working system of the Bushehr plant and appears to have infected the system via the laptops and USB drives of Russian technicians who had been working there.

Western experts say the worm’s sophistication – and the fact that some 60% of computers infected appeared to be in Iran – pointed to a government-backed attack.

While there have been no reports of damage or disruption at any Iranian nuclear facilities, last Tuesday’s meeting signalled a high level of concern about the worm among Iran’s nuclear officials. The Stuxnet worm has surprised experts because it is the first one created to take over industrial control systems, rather than just steal or manipulate data.

If Israel is behind the worm, then it helps explain why Israel is waiting to take military action. Israel hopes that the Iranian nuclear program can be stopped without having to go to war.

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