Why Did Biden Census Bureau Add 2.5 Million More Residents to Blue-State Population Count?

There is something very fishy about the new 2020 Census Bureau data determining which states picked up seats and which states lost seats.

Most all of the revisions to the original estimates have moved in one direction: Population gains were added to blue states, and population losses were subtracted from red states. The December revisions in population estimates under the Biden Census Bureau added some 2.5 million blue-state residents and subtracted more than 500,000 red-state residents. These population estimates determine how many electoral votes each state receives for presidential elections and the number of congressional seats in each state.

Is this a mere coincidence? …read the rest of this Op-Ed by Rasmussen Reports

‘Do Not Trust The Mullahs’ Apologists In The U.S. Media’: Iranian Dissidents Pay For Giant Billboard Near NYT Building

Iranians disgusted with the mainstream media acting as apologists for the despotic Iranian regime, the largest state sponsor of terrorism on the planet, paid for a billboard near The New York Times building in Manhattan that read: “They killed more than 1500 innocents on the ground and lied about it. They killed 176 passengers in the air and lied about it. Regime of Iran lies about JCPOA too. They intend to harm America. Do not trust the Mullahs’ apologists in the U.S. media.” — Source: Daily Wire

Lawyer: Feds Got Into Rudy’s iCloud With ‘Covert Warrant’ While He Repped Trump in 2019

A lawyer for former New York City mayor and Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said the Justice Department revealed on a Thursday conference call that the feds had penetrated Giuliani’s iCloud long before Wednesday’s search warrants were executed.

“I was told about it today in a conference call with the [U.S.] Attorney’s office,” attorney Robert Costello, a longtime friend of Giuliani’s, told The Daily Beast on Thursday night. “They told me they obtained a ‘covert warrant’ for Giuliani’s iCloud account in ‘late 2019.’ They have reviewed this information for a year and a half without telling us or [fellow Trump-aligned attorney] Victoria Toensing.”

During an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show on Thursday night, Giuliani himself briefly referenced the warrant to search his iCloud account. “In the middle of the impeachment defense, they invaded, without telling me, my iCloud,” the Trump confidant said. “They took documents that are privileged. And then they unilaterally decided what they could read and not read. So the prosecutors at the Justice Department spied on me.”

Hmmmm …. why isn’t this on the front page of every newspaper in America? Trump’s lawyer is served a “COVERT WARRANT” … in the midst of the voter fraud cases … in the midst of the former President impeachment hearings … and not a peep out of the mainstream press!

100,000+ march in UK for freedom from COVID lockdowns, vaccine passports, medical tyranny

How did the Main Stream Media cover the event? Hmmm…. only 10,000 people showed up … the MSM is covering the protests much like they cover how many pro-lifers attend the March for Life on a yearly basis!

Anti-lockdown protesters defy restrictions in central London march — Reuters

Media reports put numbers at about 10,000, though the Metropolitan Police did not confirm a figure.

Six arrested amid massive anti-lockdown protests in London – Euronews

Up to 10,000 people are thought to have gathered in central London on Saturday for the so-called “Unite for Freedom” event.

Eight officers injured policing anti-lockdown protest in London – UK Guardian

The Met said demonstrators hurled missiles, including bottles, during the protest in Hyde Park, which were attended by an estimated 10,000 people.

Secret Court Reveals: FBI Hunted for Domestic Terrorists Without a Warrant

The FBI, without any court order, sifted through the National Security Agency’s massive troves of foreign communications for information on American “racially motivated violent extremists,” a newly declassified order from the secret surveillance court details.

Even though the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court warned the FBI in 2018 that its warrant-free queries, known as backdoor searches, were constitutionally alarming, the bureau still conducted queries relevant to criminal investigations about, among other things “domestic terrorism involving racially motivated violent extremists.” The court’s Judge James E. Boasberg found what he referred to as “apparent widespread violations of the querying standard.”

That’s the euphemistic term the bureau tends to use to denote white supremacist violence. On one occasion, an FBI analyst ran a multi-search-term “batch query” on Americans “in connection with predicated criminal investigations relating to domestic terrorism” that returned 33 foreign surveillance results.  Source: Daily Beast (Read More)

CDC Finally Admits No Evidence of Coronavirus Spread via Surfaces

But the era of “hygiene theater” may have come to an unofficial end this week, when the C.D.C. updated its surface cleaning guidelines and noted that the risk of contracting the virus from touching a contaminated surface was less than 1 in 10,000.

“Finally,” said Linsey Marr, an expert on airborne viruses at Virginia Tech. “We’ve known this for a long time and yet people are still focusing so much on surface cleaning.” She added, “There’s really no evidence that anyone has ever gotten Covid-19 by touching a contaminated surface.”  Source: NY Times

21,000 Get Covid in One Week After Receiving Vaccine’s First Dose

Based on a Washington Post analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Post estimates about 21,000 of 470,000 people who tested positive for coronavirus for the week ended Sunday already had their first dose. Michigan, where cases have been rising sharply with the rise of highly transmissible variants, accounts for about a tenth of that estimate.  — Source: Washington Post