Elon Musk ready to unveil Optimus Tesla Bot, aims to deploy millions of them

Tesla, the company created and managed by Elon Musk, has ambitious plans of a truly grand scale – to deploy thousands and even millions of humanoid robots in its factories and throughout the entire world.

The newly developed Optimus robot is also known under the unofficial name Tesla Bot. The primary purpose of this machine is industrial: according to current plans, first, these humanoid bots will appear in the company’s own factories.

Later, as Musk commented at a TED Talk, these robots will be made available to all interested clients around the world. The company envisions manufacturing “millions” of Optimus machines, initially performing boring or dangerous jobs. Source: Technology

Maryland Legislature Considers Sick Bill That Could Legalize Infanticide Up to 28 Days AFTER Birth

The Maryland legislative session is in full swing, and once again, abortion advocates are pushing their radical abortion agenda. Recently, we told you about the testimony we presented against Maryland House Bill 1171, which is attempting to codify Roe v. Wade in the Maryland constitution. Now, we’re preparing to submit testimony on Maryland Senate Bill 669 – also known as the Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act of 2022.

At first glance, this bill looks like it simply changes the word “woman” to “pregnant person,” and then prevents a “pregnant person” from being investigated or penalized for “terminating or attempting to terminate” her own pregnancy. But we are well aware that abortion advocates constantly package what they sell as benign, when it is truly lethal.

In this case, as we are prepared to point out in our testimony, the bill also proposes a revision of the fetal murder/manslaughter statute that would serve to handcuff the investigation of infant deaths unrelated to abortion. In other words – this bill will effectively legalize infanticide. The exact language of the bill states: “This section may not be construed to authorize any form of investigation or penalty for a person . . . experiencing a . . . perinatal death related to a failure to act.” (Emphasis added). In other words, a baby born alive and well could be abandoned and left to starve or freeze to death, and nothing could be done to punish those who participated in that cruel death. The bill also includes a section that would allow “a person [to] bring a cause of action for damages if the person was subject to unlawful arrest or criminal investigation for a violation of this section as a result of . . . experiencing a . . . perinatal death.” – Source: American Center Law and Justice

Members of Congress and Their Staff Are Exempt from Biden’s Vaccine Mandate