American Frontline Doctors: Mass Disinformation Campaign Orchestrated

American Frontline Doctors just dropped an eye-opening paper! [Source]

Mass disinformation campaign has been orchestrated!

There has been massive disinformation from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, starting with its name. Everyone recalls that its name was initially the Wuhan Virus. That is because epidemics have historically been named for the location from where they arise or are associated. Consider: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Spanish Flu, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Zika, Ebola as some examples. The re-branding as COVID-19 took significant media effort and signaled a massive disinformation was coming. The Chinese Communist Party made it known that it did not want this to be called the Wuhan Virus, and that it should just be called “the coronavirus.” But this proved very confusing to doctors who already knew of six other coronaviruses. So it was renamed a third time, as COVID-19, which stands for Corona Virus Disease.

This disinformation campaign largely succeeded – until America’s Frontline Doctors came forward. We revealed four levels of censorship regarding HCQ safety: the scientists, the media, Big Tech, and the government itself.  (page 4)

How bad was the FRAUD … and the disinformation campaign?

The two most famous medical journals in the world were caught red-handed publishing fraud. The sheer number and magnitude of the things that went wrong or missing in their studies were too enormous to attribute to mere incompetence. The data upon which these studies were based were so ridiculously erroneous that it only took two weeks for an eagle-eyed physician to publicly demand an explanation. In pursuing a fraudulent headline maligning HCQ, the third most famous medical journal in the world, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), literally printed evidence of a crime.  (page 4)

This paper details how bad the disinformation campaign that was advanced by “Scientists”, the “Media & the Elite”, “Big Tech Censorship”, and finally the “Government Punishment of Doctors.” [ Page 5 ]

At the same time Americans were being aggressively fed these four levels of lies, other countries were not. [Page 6]


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