Capitol Hill Riots Timeline

There is more than meets the eye! Elijah Schaffer was one of the first ones uploading videos as it was beginning in Washington D.C.

Be careful to rush to judgment … the video seems to show ‘coordinated’ attacks.

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1 thought on “Capitol Hill Riots Timeline”

  1. you dont need to watch he vieo. have you ever seen a guy wearing a helmet @ a Trump rally? WTF

    all we do is watch videos and say we were cheated. meanwhile those goons drive us out while counting votes and rig the system using dominion.

    and our DEAR LEADER TRUMP takes the easy way out without doing something about it despite the fact that Sidney Powell and Gen Flynn and Pat Byrne showed him the evidence,…


    we are giving up our god-given rights in the name of the politicians? Trump failed us this one time. he had an obligation as a citizen to order military to look @ the situation. NOT wait for his people to sabotage it. it was and still is in his hands. meanwhile he is riling us all up making it look like he can do more afer jan 20 than he can do now.

    how did it turn out with GA election? How was the late night spike AFTER the counting was stopped?

    WHY WAS COUNTING STOPPED? WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? ohhh you thought theye will never do that again?

    u.n.b.e.l.i.e.v.a.b.l.e. how stupid.


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