CNN shows its True Colors as it Praises the 100 Year Anniversary of Communist Party in China

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2 thoughts on “CNN shows its True Colors as it Praises the 100 Year Anniversary of Communist Party in China”

  1. The CCP is not the reason for China’s economic success; Wall Street banks are. I should know, I witnessed it first hand. After Bush and then Clinton sponsored China into the WTO back in 1993, all of the Wall Street banks and fund houses began soliciting the pension funds, insurance companies, 401k managers, and anybody else with loose change in their pocket to invest in the “China Fund portfolios” they had created. The rest is history, if an untold one. All that money {trillions by now}, that would have {and should have} been invested in US companies, went to fund the rise of Red China instead. If any entity is responsible for the rise of Red China, and the fall of the USA, it is Wall Street. They would sell their own mother for a dollar.


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