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Do you have a question for George?  Feel free to submit it and I’ll try to answer it!

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3 thoughts on “Do you have a question for George?”

  1. Hi George,
    I do enjoy your articles, very much and I find that they are very relevant ,too,but I’m not too sure if my question is appropriate. You see  I would like to know if you could tell me where I could purchase the book authored by Howard Grief titled ” The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law”

  2. John 14:26, John 16:7… Jesus says he died to bring spirit baptism to all who obey his commandment to Love, repent in water baptism, thus stop sinning – thus the way is sealed from anyone still sinning 2 Timothy 2:19

    and very few indeed find the way -Matt 7:13-14, Jude 1:14, Rev 7:3-8 – only about two thousand alive today then follow Yeshua according to Jesus own statements , almost all folks never stop sinning, never get past the first stage of baptism, but there is a third stage too, perfection of Love in trial , baptism of fire Matthew 3:11, 1 Peter 4:12, 1 Peter 1:7, …three stages of baptism to perfection of Love necessary before translation to spirit [salvation] but almost all folks are destroyed with this earth and heavens before they even stop sinning -Matt 7:13, 2 Peter 3:10-12 , sealed by their own free choice to sin, not Love, from even knowing God and Yeshua ,and accepting the false Christ as God – Rev 13:3-4, worship of Satan because he comes with an army to fifght all men and an army of seemingly righteous priests all dressed up [ironically] like Levites [Jesus, nor his followers, ever dressed up so its easy to spot the fakes, but folks mostly don’t get it]

    but Jesus saves billions Rev 7:9-10 in the new earth kingdom created and run for billions by the few resurrected from this earth a thousand years in the new physical heavens after the end of this earth and heavens, a new universe -Isaiah 65:17, 66:22, 2 Peter 3:13, Revelation 21:1

    so all are freed from sleep in ‘hell’ Rev 20:13 and all but a very few are NOT saved now , do NOT believe now… but are inspired by the kingdom of Love in the new earth, God dwelling with men to ensure the second death of anyone who sins in the new earth , all freed of sin by death Rom 6:7 so God can at last baptise all men as promised [Joel 2:28] to know all Truth [John 16:13] , so that all that is required for salvation in the new earth is perfection of Love by works [Rev 20:13] before judgement day , past sins are forgiven when one stops sinning , as in this earth Ezek 18:20-24, Jer 31:31-34

    so my question is that if God baptised you to know all Truth as Yeshua promised , then why do you not teach His whole story ?

  3. What goes around – Comes around! Kiss the Son, lest He be angry&#

    Started by George, Sep 10 2014 11:05 AM

    George this article and included scriptures is the reason I try to explain to fellow followers of Christ I may be a anti-Christ but I am not anti-Jesus and never will be.

    One definition for Christ is – King, anointed one

    Many Kings were given the title Christ, like Saul.

    There are many earthly kingdoms today, Ford, Chevrolet, ATT&T, etc.

    The heads of these companies hold titles in modern language like CEO’s, President

    I am against any that hurt, cheat, and oppress people


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