Do you understand why they are going after Trump in a 2nd impeachment? Let MSNBC clarify.

“So this entire case is not about removing him, but whether to convict and disqualify him from holding any office again for life!”

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4 thoughts on “Do you understand why they are going after Trump in a 2nd impeachment? Let MSNBC clarify.”

  1. Trump will be back he will run in 2024… It in the Bible – End of time on this planet is somewhere between 2033 and 2036 An army will come from the North of 200,000.000 to wipe Israel of the map God will not let this happen – our Lord and King of heaven will return at that moment and will destroy all of this evil army..

  2. Yes, I understand, because apparently our military leaders are a bunch of of communist traitors unwilling to keep their oath. I wish no mercy on them in the day of judgement if they don’t repent and do their jobs.

  3. Actually there are several reasons; 1. they already announced they want to prevent any structure or monument with Trumps name from being erected, that includes federal funding for a Trump Presidential Library. 2. He would forfeit Secret Security briefings for the first six months out of office. 3. His Secret Service protection would supposedly be cut off which means, like all the other presidents who have leased portions of their land to the Secret Service for a SS compound on property, he would lose the federal monies that would eventually pay off the mortgage on the mansion/s. 4. Because the Secret Service protects former presidents whenever the SS travels/flys/requires hotel/ the president also receives taxpayer provided travel allowances. Would he lose the government pension and health benefits for himself and his wife too? So, there’s more to the left wanting to impeach Trump from holding any office. They are being evil and vindictive.

  4. To MSNBC: Nancy Pelosi and her Progressive democrats are not issuing a ‘Constitutional Sling.’ They are executing an Unconstitutional Impeachment Trial stemming from an Unconstitutional Impeachment Hearing which was opened and closed within 8 hours. Conducted with zero legal representation and zero witnesses on behalf of the president to argue or disclaim the democrat false smear to impeach him.


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