Facebook Censors Reporting of Jihadists Being Killed

I just got this message from Facebook threatening to remove my page for sharing an article from Worthy News on the death of an al-Qaeda terrorist.  Are they now in the business of protecting terrorists?  The crazy thing is that this post is over 3 years old.

We're being CENSORED ... HELP get the WORD OUT! SHARE!!!
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2 thoughts on “Facebook Censors Reporting of Jihadists Being Killed”

  1. Thank you George..for reporting (ALL) the news weather good or bad…politically correct or not..
    That’s why I am signed up for Worthy Brief!!!

  2. In chat on Utube, I replied that, US Courts, shouldn’t allow, Sharia law. I have been Middle east, and they took my Bible, until I departed, I had to cover myself and follow all laws. I replied, if you want Sharia, why don’t you live in a country has It? They took my utube too. I Don’t get I watch them cuss Christians out all time. Look who owns stock closely and you will find the answer.


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