GameStop Making Waves on Wall Street

Wall Street hedge funds worth billions were literally taken to the streets today by Reddit users!

For those who do not know, hedge funds were shorting 140% of Game Stop shares.  It’s called a “naked short” when there MORE shares shorted than are actually available for trade.  Those on Reddit, many of them — gamers — didn’t like the fact that their franchise store was being under assault!  Many of them banned together and bought shares … and kept buying shares!

If someone is caught in a “short-squeeze” and cannot find the shares to cover their short — the losses are limitless!  Overnight, billion-dollar hedge funds were broke!

Elon Musk whose Tesla Company was once under assault by the same hedge funds that shorted Tesla sparked enthusiasm amongst the Reddit army — and they just kept buying!

The irony is that these Reddit investors used a platform called Robinhood.  So this band of ‘small-time’ stock investors completely have Wall Street in an uproar.

There were lots of stories on Reddit of users who used the money for a good cause.

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