House Resolution to Impeach President – to Prevent him from running in 2024

If you read through the impeachment resolution … read the last page!  The impeachment is set up to try and prevent Trump from running in 2024!

house resolution impeach trump

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2 thoughts on “House Resolution to Impeach President – to Prevent him from running in 2024”

  1. Yes! It is! Because that’s what happens when a President commits high crimes and misdemeanors, like say attempting an authoritarian coup or inciting citizens to armed insurrection!


    If you play with the U.S. Government and try to break it, we will take your toys away.

  2. They trying everything to stop the president knowing he has evidence to expose the truth i believe that the dems are scared not because president Trump is a dangerous man it because he is a danger to what they are trying to do. I will put my trust in our Heavenly Father no matter what happens


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