Interesting Tweet sent by the President Trump

This is a ScreenShot … and then the video he posted!


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4 thoughts on “Interesting Tweet sent by the President Trump”

  1. If all this evidence is out there, why hasn’t it been coordinated and presented in a professional way by responsible attorneys to the courts? Why the theatre from Giuliani et al? Let’s remember Who’s really in charge here. Yeshua is coordinating all world events to coincide with His plan and timetable. If there was fraud He certainly knows about it and will work it, along with everything else, together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

  2. I personally know people who believe biden won. People with at least a little common sense should be able to tell what was not right on election night. President Trump has over 75 million votes and biden gets the win? Only by the will of God this will stand.

  3. What a load of nonsense. Any conspiracy 1% as big as Qanon would not succeed in hiding itself because you can never keep it quiet – hundreds of people would have come out now. But they don’t – it is all rubbish written by people with no brains, no evidence and who do not read the true media – only the drivel produced by the imaginations of their tiny minds. How could you possibly keep the entire world media to support what Qanon says – and how accurate the rubbish they put out is, like the pizza shop in LA. Biden won – wake up to yourselves. His main job now is to make America great again because the overall feelin g for USA has dropped in other countries by huge numbers.


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