Is COVID coming back in the fall?

Scott Gottlieb, Former FDA commissioner and current Pfizer Board member, says that Covid will be coming back in the fall.

“We’re gonna see it re-emerge in the fall. The question is what re-emergence? Is it a new strain of Omicron? And that’s gonna drive the decisions around the vaccine.”

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3 thoughts on “Is COVID coming back in the fall?”

  1. I guess we can’t expect no better response about Covid and this fall and winter than from someone who is on the board of Pfizer.

  2. Absolutely true just like Jason in that crazy movie. He’s BAACK! It has worked well in causing panic & a “reason” for the govt to control us & destroy our freedoms & individuality. Stock up on masks & food. Load up the pantry & freezer. Get more booster jabs cuz they’re safe & effective which is why u need so many of them. Oh yeah u probably want to keep ur job & feed ur family so keep ur yap shut & OBEY the meaningless, useless mandates. The govt always knows best that’s why illegal immigrants get the baby formula & u dont but u get to pay for it anyway, peasant.


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