Israel Tourism is Sorta Up and Running …

After finally opening nearly 100% of the country to its own citizens, Israel is now gearing up to be – in its words – the first country to open up its tourism sector, beginning on May 23 – 14 months after its borders were closed.

Sounds great … until you read the fine print …

However, to enjoy these sites and the beauty of the Holy Land, tourists must be vaccinated, present a negative COVID test and undergo a serological test for antibodies after they arrive in Israel.

Upon arrival, visitors can download the green passport app to their phones and use it for access to locations that are off limits to non-vaccinated Israelis such as restaurants, hotels and other indoor venues.

Hmmm … sounds the beginnings of the human conditioning of a mark … one may not buy or sell unless he had the MARK …

“We put our trust in vaccines and Israelis have gone through a few months of getting vaccines to all who are of the ages to get the vaccine, and special permits, and we reached 90%,” so this created a safe environment, a safe country.

I wish they placed their trust in the Lord …

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1 thought on “Israel Tourism is Sorta Up and Running …”

  1. So grateful to the Lord for getting me there in 2019 before all this. Still, it is absolutely devastating that so many Israelis are willingly going along with a system that requires them to be medical experiments worshipping the vaxx-golden calf, and who have to show their “papers” just to function in every day life. I’m with you, Sir. I wish their trust was in Adonai.


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