LGBTQ+ Pride Group Stages ‘Drag Show’ in Georgia Church

A gay pride organization at Emory University recently held its annual drag show in a Methodist church affiliated with the Atlanta, Georgia, university.

Campus Reform reports Emory Pride, the university’s LGBTQ+ group, held the event at Glenn Memorial Chapel to commemorate the conclusion of gay history month, which is separate from gay pride month.

Tom Greenler, a senior attending the school, hosted the event dressed in drag. Source: CBN News

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3 thoughts on “LGBTQ+ Pride Group Stages ‘Drag Show’ in Georgia Church”

  1. Sin is sin! God appoints that which is, not mankind! Read His sin and escape guide (Bible) and know if and what sin we’re involved in and then repent and stop sinning, of course with the help of God, Himself! Judgement will eventually arrive, God’s long suffering does have its limit, History does repeat itself at the negligence of warnings! His Word has warned us! Seek Jesus Christ, ask Him into your heart and trust Him! John 14:6 (NLT) “Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

  2. The fact that they did this in a building designated to worship the God of the Bible is probably them sticking the middle finger to God…or it could be the sticking their finger to hypocritical Christians. A few weeks ago I saw on the news that a pastor ordered the throat of congregants cut inside the building. Was this a one-off thing by wayward pastor? I don’t know. I see churches appointing transgender and homosexual bishops while others still forbit women to preach or hold leadership positions. Sleezy politicians are invited to speak on Sunday mornings in many churches all the times. With these in mind, how much more wrong in a few confused LGBTQ+ people using a building.

    Wouldn’t it be a sight if a Christian organization on campus hosted an event during the gay history month and invited the gays to chat or participate and in doing so, show the love of Jesus. Some wouldn’t dare because of how it would look. But Jesus was hosted by dirty tax collectors and accompanied thieves and prostitutes into his company. Are we missing something here?

  3. Perhaps the story of Sodom is more than we give credit to. Just as every parable of Christ’s happens to be prophetic besides helping we, his servants. In the final version, instead of angels entering into Sodom to wisk Lot and his family out, Messiah comes to ” catch away” we His righteous ones, by being part of God’s family, too.


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