Man who enters Capitol Building Tells His Story

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1 thought on “Man who enters Capitol Building Tells His Story”

  1. Although I can appreciate this man’s sentiments, the cry from many of our brothers and sisters of color is that he and the others (that I know of) that stormed the Chamber are free. Were they ever arrested? Ironically I have just finished Martin Luther King’s book “Why We Can’t Wait” about the events leading up to and including those in 1963. I dare say if these folks were black, they would (still be) in jail. We can’t apply the rule of law for some and not for all. This is one huge reason the cry of injustice rings in our streets. Dr King knew civil disobedience meant possible jail and they were arrested; and that was being nonviolent.
    If we haven’t learned anything over the last year about the different ways folks are treated, it’s glaring now.


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