Netanyahu Pushes for Fully Digitized Genetic Record for Every Israeli

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu discussed how Israel became a “lab for Pfizer” and intends to create a genetic database to be merged with its medical database for Israel.
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5 thoughts on “Netanyahu Pushes for Fully Digitized Genetic Record for Every Israeli”

  1. Present day, the biggest danger to humanity is the new one world belief system of Psychology. As it spreads, infects, and takes even every human thought into captivity along with the humans it’s ensnares outside of the US, it is dying out already here in the USA. Yet what will replace it? This same exact AI system which Netanyahu wants to ensnare all Israeli’s into. AI is now connected to quantum computers, and quantum computers calculate from the end of problems (at the solutions) backwards to the beginning of them, and from every point along the way. They do so concurrently with the old linear methods of having a problem to solve and beginning from there. Even worse, quantum computers are connecting with each other, and with huge banks of regular computers also at their disposal. The end result can only be AI using human beings as the raw material for the new industry that they will create. Already, RN’s and MD’s have become merely endless supply of human interfaces between the medical AI systems and the patient.

  2. Well that would be all the information needed for the next genocide. Shame on you Bibi. What you think is a good idea will lead to great evil.

  3. Just image if the Third Reich had that kind of information when it decided to identify every Jew and everyone who had a parent or grandparent who’d been Jewish. Bibi’s database should never end up in the hands of those who wish the Jews were wiped off the face of the earth. In fact, it’s probably only the State of Israel who has bothered to know who all such anti-Semites are, and where they are. How about let’s not do our enemies work for them.

    • Angela, Look up IBM and it’s role during WW2 in tracking the Jews and who was in the camps. Then look up IBM and digital travel passes today. Now IBM is using their tracking capabilities when it comes to travel passes and what is needed medically up to date in order to fly. Look up “Amadeus using IBM’s Digital Health Pass for airline travel.” by Ledger Insights 7/22/21 on Ledger Insights (.com). Look into at the history of the family that own IBM, they’re still around today.


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