NY Governor Kathy Hochul stated, “The vaccine is from God and I need you to be my Apostles.”

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5 thoughts on “NY Governor Kathy Hochul stated, “The vaccine is from God and I need you to be my Apostles.””

  1. The Sign of the woman giving birth to a son and The First Seal

    Since 2020 we have been living within the fulfillment of Revelation 6 the White Horse and rider with the bow which is the first seal judgment opened in the Book of revelation. Fact: the White Horse judgment began on the official day 3-11-2020 that WHO declared Covid 19 a pandemic which was exactly 900 days from the official date of 9-23-2017 when the Sign of the Woman giving birth to a son in the heavens was fulfilled.

    In Biblical numbers 9 conveys: divine completeness, within the meaning of finality. (Rev 3:7, 5:1)
    The numeric value of the date 3-11-2020 (3+1+1+2+0+2+0) is 9.
    900 = 100 x 9 and represents ultimate finality. It has begun. It can not be changed or altered.

    Signs of the White Horse rider with the bow conquering the world.

    Trump was the 6th King when the First Seal was broken and the White Horse and rider with a bow was sent out to conquer. There are some things very alarming about Trump as he sees himself in the mold of Apollo. Apollo was a major Greek and then Roman god.

    Some objects traditionally associated with Apollo include:

    a bow
    bringer of plague
    divine retribution
    arrows that bring destruction
    a far-shooter, far-worker, *rouser of armies
    Apollo was responsible for guiding the poison arrow to the heel of Achilles, killing the seemingly invincible. Apollo is white. The statues of him were made of white marble. The horses in the painting of Apollo in Trump’s living room are white.
    Trump is ultimately responsible for the USA decision with it’s world wide influence to only offer the mNRA cell level altering experimental drug that was known to cause blood clots and eventual death in animal experiments, that now is becoming mandatory for our nation for many at this time. He chided and bullied the FDA to bypass normal testing with it’s 3 to 7 year trials to push it out by late summer of that year. He even now boasts it was him who brought it to the nation so fast while he advises us all to take it. If you re-read the above list of Apollo it is surreal how it fits the Covid and Vax narrative and how the USA (and world) could be substituted for Achilles.
    The word for “crown” in Latin is “corona”. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) states that on their website as the reason why they named this virus “coronavirus”. From the CDC website: “Coronavirus virions are spherical or variable in shape and composed of an outer layer of lipid covered with a crown of club-shaped peplomers or spikes”. On this very page they present photos of ancient Greek/Roman gods that depict why they gave it that name. They wear spiked crowns and ride white horses. It is surreal. You can not make this stuff up. The connection to the biblical reference of that image is out in plain site for anyone who has eyes and a heart willing to see.
    The rider is carrying a bow. No one brings a weapon to conquer that is not loaded with the appropriate projectile. The ancient archers used poison on their arrows. The Latin word itself “actually came from the Greek term toxon, meaning ‘bow’. In ancient Greece, fighters with bows would put poison on the points of their arrows.” The classic example is Achilles the invincible being struck in the heel by a poison arrow guided by Apollos who also rides a white horse.
    Scientists and medical doctors when wanting to emphasize their vocational authority wear white.
    They use needles to pierce the body.
    Drew Weissman is credited for inventing the RNA messenger technology for the covid-19 vaccine drug produced by Pfizer and Moderna. The German meaning of his surname is “white man”.
    Weissman worked for seven years in the 1990s with Dr Anthony Fauci at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Fauci became a household name during the pandemic as a leading member of the White House coronavirus task force who insisted on fast tracking, removing the normal testing and peer review protocol that is required for all other drugs, along with any liability to the drug manufactures being removed, this experimental blood cell altering drug over any and all other traditional known methods. Unlike China where the gain of function virus was released on the world. They chose the traditional “weakened virus strain” vaccine that triggers a natural immune response. No wonder that they will show up as prophesied with 200 million healthy soldiers at the last battle of WWW3.
    Dr. Anthony Fauci’s career began as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in 1984 (the first year of the 49 year period that includes the 8 Kings prophecy to end of this age) and has continued under all seven US presidents from Reagan to Biden.

    These signs reveal that we are already living in the Tribulation within the White Horse prophecy fulfillment with the *Red Horse (war) coming shortly on it’s heels.


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