Trump Actually Uses the Words – Biden Administration

In his speech in Texas, Donald Trump actually used the words, “Biden Administration.”

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4 thoughts on “Trump Actually Uses the Words – Biden Administration”

  1. After this I feel Trump failed us all. He had enough information to invoke the Executive Order. He rallies us to stand up.. What can we really do especially that they are now saying dont rally between 16-20 jan? Get angry? B.S. They are still trying to say Antifa infiltrated the capitol. Antifa started breaking the glass etc.. i dont deny it.. but who cares… patriots were there for whatever the reason. insurrection … etc… BS. Instead of looking for Ashlee Babbit (sp?) killer and motive. The guy was wearing a distinct bracelet on the video. This was clearly a pre-planned action. He should not let the left media dictate the narrative. WTF they went in… so it’s ok to steal the election, kick out observers, fake ballots… but the topic of the day is broken glass?

    He could and should have done something. He didn’t. thanks for this video. I now will just stop following the news AGAIN. Sidney Powell and Patrick Byrne and other TRUE patriots gave him enough info to use the EO.

    Trump is a good guy but he failed us when the country gave him a chance a lead and face the reality when the 2 remaining branches of the government, the SCOTUS and the Congress failed us.

    I really thought Trump was bolder than this. The only way to fight Antifa/BLM goons is to attack them with a far greater strength than they have. They will then take you to the court for exceeding the authority. You say sorry.

    They dont care about the constitution. You cant expect the constitution (SCOTUS) to protect us.

    Peace through strength?

    Blessings to all.

    • You are kidding, right? Trump does not have the kind of rights you are attributing to him. He’s been stripped of military powers though he’s still being recognized as the President. They believe he has mental problem and he can destroy the country. The nation is owned by all men, not just Trump and his followers. Nobody has the autonomy to do as he likes because he has the title of a president

  2. Im hoping it’s a diversion. Im hoping he will declare martial law and place these idiots before a military tribunal, then in front of a firing squad, or on to Guantanomo.

  3. Sean, I call it all BS. Trump is now leading from behind. If he wanted to do it, why would he do it on Jan 20? It was so much easier to do it timely. No he is informed (as per Patrick Byrne, a true patriot), and he decided to play politics.

    Mind you, I think Trump is a great guy. But he failed the test he was elected for. He failed to fight for the constitution when it mattered the most. When ONLY HE could do it. You and I cant. But had he done it, 80+ million voters and their families would follow him. And probably some left of center dems too, becuase the data is obvious. Patrick Byrne is definitely not doing it for publicity. General Flynn is not doing it for publicity either.

    What was he thinking promoting voting in Georgia, when we lost GA because of Fraud? WTF?

    He was afraid to fight against the swamp.

    The government bureaucrats have too much power. When he had a chance to reduce that power, he didnt act strongly enough. The problem now is that yes, we will have elections… but they will rig them AGAIN… what do we do then? And SCOTUS will always say our complaints have “NO STANDING”…


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