Understand the INSANITY of people who RELY on the MEDIA for Truth

So the MEDIA has been drumming up the hype that somehow the Georgia election laws are harmful!  However, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the largest newspaper in Atlanta had to CORRECT their hit piece … it doesn’t LIMIT opportunities … IT EXPANDS THEM!

What does the bill say … if you read the bill for yourself … So you don’t have a Georgia State ID?  No problem, just give us the last 4 digits of your social security number.  Oh, you don’t have a Social security number … here are the other forms of approved forms of ID!  Read the bill for yourself and stop relying on a LYING MEDIA that is trying to DIVIDE the country! 



Of course, Major League Baseball had to weigh in … the national pastime has now become a disgrace getting involved in sheer absurdity of ‘cancel’ culture!

So what is the object lesson to be learned? If you ONLY RELY on the MEDIA for the truth, you will be suckered into the division and absurdity of the CANCEL CULTURE … the media has become the PROBLEM, we need to recognize its time to cancel the CANCEL CULTURE! Stop watching the news … ENJOY your life! If you need to keep yourself abreast of what’s happening … read our Worthy Brief! We endeavor to live by the commandment … thou shalt not bear FALSE WITNESS! I wonder how many JOURNALISTS truly try to live by this?

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