Pregnant Catholic Woman Removed by Police DURING HOLY MASS for not wearing a mask as Ratted out by her own PRIEST!

Deirdre Hairston (Hariston) is a young Catholic mother. Deirdre, who is pregnant, already has a one-year-old. Recently, Deirdre Hairston was arrested DURING HOLY MASS for not wearing a mask.

Three police officers were waiting for her after she went to Holy Communion at Holy Trinity Church. She was kneeling down and holding her baby when the police officer said she needed to leave the mass.

When Deidre continued to kneel and pray the police officer grabbed her arm and tried to lift her and drag her out of the church. The officer told her she was trespassing — by attending mass! — Source: The Gateway Pundit

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1 thought on “Pregnant Catholic Woman Removed by Police DURING HOLY MASS for not wearing a mask as Ratted out by her own PRIEST!”

  1. Something is not right with this story. The priest is being highly criticized for calling the police, however, when the Hairston’s were escorted outside, Mr. Hairston was all ready to recite law and used legal terminology. He said the priest was “verbally abusing” his wife, and then quoted laws, to the letter, that the church was a certain kind of business…(“This is a 501 (c)(3) not an LLC…) where they are not required to conform to the priest’s rules regarding wearing masks at his church in his parish. It sounds to me like the Hairstons went in there with an agenda to not wear a mask and challenge the priest’s rules he had for his parish.


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