Liberal Media’s COVID origins U-Turn from “Dangerous Conspiracy Theory” to “We Need to Investigate!”

As the editor of Worthy News, I’m very careful of whom we link and report since we live by the 9th commandment — Thou shalt not bear false witness. From the very beginning stages of the COVID origins, I was careful to follow those who are in the know within the intelligence agencies. If I want to truly cover what’s happening in China — I observe whom China tries to ban, silence, and shut down. Once you understand, whom they consider their enemy — this is probably those who are not “bought” off, but live by a sense of journalistic integrity!

How Worthy News Covered Covid from its inception! (Dec 20, 2020). Our coverage of how China was reshaping the COVID narrative! (Jan 20, 2020). An explosive report by Bill Gertz citing Israeli intelligence officials about the Chinese gov’t working on biological weapons in Wuhan. Secretary of State Pompeo (who was a former head of the CIA) reveals that the U.S. government had enormous amounts of EVIDENCE of the origins of the Coronavirus! (May 10, 2020) How the State Dept warned of China’s influence on Twitter (May 20, 2020) An explosive Sky News Australia exclusive that should have been PICKED up by ALL news agencies … but BURIED! (Jan. 20, 2021). An explosive TV segment that exposed how badly the COVID leak was being covered! (Feb. 21, 2021). A full link to a detailed study containing hundreds of documented evidence for the origin of COVID. (March 21, 2021). An explosive interview that shows WHO never investigated the origins …

So from the BEGINNING, we used sources that are from within Intelligence agencies, respected renowned doctors, and from those who have in the past PROVEN themselves as reliable sources of information!

Now, let’s compare the other Mainstream Media sources and their compare and contrast of how they COVERED the origins … to NOW!

Washington Post Coverage of COVID BEFORE AND AFTER!


Huffington Post Coverage of COVID BEFORE AND AFTER!



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  1. Thanks George. We can always depend on you for accurate coverage. You are a great blessing to us. Wish everyone were aware of you. I’ve sent your site to all my friends. Shalom. Susan


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