Watch the Mass Protests Take Place Around the World over Covid Restrictions

Did you know there were protests in LA, Las Vegas, Boston over the weekend? Did you know there were mass protests in Israel, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Australia, and France? This has continued for WEEKS and yet you’d never know if you were watching the mainstream press!

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4 thoughts on “Watch the Mass Protests Take Place Around the World over Covid Restrictions”

  1. I am not planning to watch the demonstrations against Covid restrictions around the world, and I applaud the mainline press for not reporting them. These people just haven’t understood what we are up against with Covid 19, and they arrogantly think they know more than experts. I am extremely worried by well-meaning but misinformed people who can’t get it into their heads that we are in deep trouble with Covid, and trying to persuade others of their misinformation is very dangerous. What ever happened to common sense and respect for authority. I am disappointed by Worthy Ministries.

    • Peaceful demonstrations are not disrespectful to authorities. When thousands protest around the world and have been for weeks on end … then you need to be praying for peace!

      How can you effectively pray over any situation if you are not informed? Do you really believe the mainstream media has your heart to pray and intercede? Or do you believe they are simply perpetuating more lies and falsehood? If they CONSISTENTLY LIE … then you know who they serve! Realize what is taking place … so that you can fulfill your calling as a watchman and a peacemaker! Be blessed!

      • Thank you for posting ! People should have a choice. Those who force a vaccine should have to deal with the side effects they push on others.

  2. Excellent work, George! Thanks for showing the footage of protests in other countries, that, yes, we would never have known about.


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