Worthy Insights 11.4.2020 AM

Sources are saying that Biden will declare himself Winner at 4 PM. Just so you know, this will set off an avalanche of a storm!

The President’s Twitter account keeps getting censored! Where is the 1st Amendment activists?

The way the Media was calling States last night clearly showed partisanship — even on Fox News — to a degree NO ONE should trust ANYTHING they are seeing — you need the spirit of God to navigate this nonsense! The media refused to call States such as Florida and Texas … and called states such as Virginia before a small percentage of the votes were even COUNTED!

This will end up in the COURTS — sad to say, and we as a nation will enter into a period of #CivilWar

Michele Bachman on America’s voice was preaching REVIVAL and the period of the GREAT AWAKENING! Praise God for her … I wish she was still in Congress!

Pray up Saints! This is going to be a long month!

We're being CENSORED ... HELP get the WORD OUT! SHARE!!!
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