Worthy Insights – 11.6.2020

Wow … what a day in the news yesterday! We covered it all in our Worthy Brief [ https://worthybrief.com ] today!

We covered the President’s address to the nation [ https://worthylinks.com/4on ] since the MSM simply couldn’t do a decent job of reporting what he said at his Press conference. Instead of doing the work of INVESTIGATING and putting the mind of Americans at ease that there is no voter fraud … they are amplifying the distrust of half of the nation! Within the story, we posted the videos that were removed from soc|al med|a.

The #MSM who was completely wrong on the e|ection suddenly expects the population that they are TRUSTWORTHY enough not to investigate the issues of voter fraud.

The MSM promoted polls that were so erroneous that clearly, they were part of an effort to suppress the vote!

If you can simply think about this logically — We are supposed to believe the same people that pushed ‘Russian collusion’ for YEARS — now want us to BELIEVE there is NO POSSIBILITY of voter fraud!


Now they are crying wolf that the process is going to be litigated in a court of law!

Amazingly, the media is claiming that Trump is the one ‘destroying our democracy’ while they keep finding ballots for Joe Biden days after the election!

This is insane.

It’s amazing that people believe this! It’s called — TEL-A-VISION for a REASON! People have been watching PROGRAMMING for years and it’s amazing how many people can’t SEE through the nonsense.

Adam Housley, a highly respected independent journalist, has been reporting from tips he’s received … and is currently investigating and showing clear evidence of voter fraud connected to funeral homes and obituary data in PA. His Twitter handle is @adamhousley to follow what he’s found!

At least we know that Joe B|den is crushing the 100+ age demographic group! I guess we could add the corpse vote as well! 😉

Judicial Watch reported a study that found 353 U.S. Counties in 29 States with V0ter Reg|str*t|on Rates exceeding 100 percent! [ Source: https://worthylinks.com/4om ]

Today, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch also tweeted that Clark County, NV had over 150,000 ‘inactive’ voters on their rolls. The county according to Judicial Watch has a 102.7% voter reg|strat|on rate. This is one of the counties where bal|0ts still remain in Nevada in a race that will be determined by a narrow margin.

Be sure to read ‘Social and Mainstream Media Refuse to Investigate Voter Fraud’ that we posted on Worthy News Today. [ https://worthylinks.com/4oj ]

In Portland, a Catholic Church that provides outreach services to the homeless was forced to close its shelter due to the damage at the hands of Antifa activists from Wednesday night.

The Secret Service apparently sent more agents to Delaware in the event that B|den declares himself winner today! GA just flipped … and we’ll see what happens in PA. To the courts … [ https://worthylinks.com/4or ]

This elect|on process will not be ending ANYTIME soon … so ENJOY your weekend! Be at peace … read our Worthy Devotion today! [ https://worthylinks.com/4op ]

Shabbat Shalom! Remember at the end of the day … WE WIN because we know the END OF THE BOOK!

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