More than 100 Retired Military Leaders Issue Open Letter Questioning Election and Biden’s Mental Fitness

An open letter by Retired Military leaders who have served in recent administrations blasted the Biden administration, his mental fitness, and stated the election was rigged in their open letter published this week.

Some highlights:

  • The letter questioned the integrity of the U.S. election 
  • Questions Biden’s Mental Fitness
  • Stated that the Biden Administration is launching a full-blown assault on our Constitutional rights in a dictatorial manner
  • The loss of Freedom of Speech
  • Blasts the Iran deal,
  • ‘Anarchy’ cannot be tolerated
  • ‘Illegals are flooding our country’

Read the open letter for yourself.

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1 thought on “More than 100 Retired Military Leaders Issue Open Letter Questioning Election and Biden’s Mental Fitness”

  1. This letter nails the issues we currently face. The only explanation of why these things have or is being tolerated can only be explained by a demonic power that is in our land, and the churches have failed to deal with, instead many are embracing the liberal policies. Actions within the government has become a bullied system led by many in both parties that wish to tear the nation apart, and use the media to do it. President Trump stated the worst component we have in this nation is the “MEDIA” and I agree. They have spread many falsehoods, and has been behind most of the unrest in this nation. Now, it’s time to quit talking and pointing fingers and actually do something about it. We elect officials to do those things, yet, we find many are unwilling to hold the line. We have turned into a mafia nation, where our elected officials are afraid to speak out, from fear of their life or position of power? Our loyalty should be to our Creator, the only answer is to turn to God, pray for wisdom, and discernment, yet to not be a weak follower of Him. Stand up, be the Army He needs to lead this nation.


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