Cancel Culture is HERE!

When I created Worthy Ministries, it was to be a beacon of light to the lost and equipping the saints in these last days! As many of you know, the truth is under assault by the left and their allies in big tech! For example, since the election, my FB editor page has lost nearly 50 percent of its page views — though the ministry web site traffic is up over 15% since October. The irony is that I’m updating my Facebook page more often than I ever have! Go figure!

Meanwhile, Facebook sent a threat to de-platform us for an article concerning al-Qaeda.


Every so often, I’ll check our statistics to see how we are doing … and our TRAFFIC is UP! Despite big tech! Now Google has placed the “Breitbart” algorithm to Worthy News! We generally rank in the TOP 10 when searching for ‘Christian News.’ Suddenly, we are in the 90s for ‘Christian News.’

Would you go out of your way to share our content? We are producing more content in-house than ever because, quite frankly, it’s harder and harder to link to articles. We live by the 9th commandment, ‘thou shalt not bear false witness!’

If you haven’t signed up — sign up for our Worthy Briefs!

Most of the time, if there is an issue with email delivery, it happens to be that our emails end up in the spam folder due to big tech censoring! By whitelisting our email address — worthybrief [ @ ] this should ensure that you continue to receive our Worthy Briefs!

We can’t trust that YouTube will allow us to share our informational videos. So we have launched a new site, Worthy.TV in preparation for the fact that we eventually will be de-platformed by Big Tech!

Are you preparing for the ‘cancel culture’ coming?  It’s times like this when darkness surrounds us, that I’m reminded of what the Prophet Isaiah said, “For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples; but the LORD will arise upon you, and his glory will be seen upon you.

The Lord is raising up a standard in us … be a LIGHT in the midst of such darkness!

We're being CENSORED ... HELP get the WORD OUT! SHARE!!!
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7 thoughts on “Cancel Culture is HERE!”

  1. Bro. George, Have you set up anything on Parler? Biggest majority of the people have left Facebook and signed up with Parler, Will keep praying your messages get out there to the lost.

  2. Brother George we thank you for being a watchman on the wall! You and your family are lights in these dark days, and He is using you in a mighty way to reach people who have no hope. Praying for His strength and safety to abound in your ministry.

  3. I had noticed that. I’ve logged into Worthy probably on average, once a day, since about 2008. Always, it was in first place on my Google search to check it. In the last few months it’s not in first place, though I’m using the same exact search words “worthynews” or “worthy news.” If I wasn’t already aware of how much news it has, from so many sources, I might have chosen “the other guys.” It’s never been more obvious, the fake news, as since the Election.


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