CNN Claims ‘​It’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth’

In a straight news piece covering South Dakota’s Kristi Noem executive orders banning transgenders from participating in women sports, CNN claims …

​It’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth, and there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth.

Just a bit of advice … try to milk a bull! Or get eggs from a rooster! Hint … it’s biological from birth and it’s 100% scientific!

Kristi Noem_ South Dakota’s governor issues executive orders banning transgender athletes from women’s sports – CNN Politics

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1 thought on “CNN Claims ‘​It’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth’”

  1. The Libs take the meaning of “identity” to be internal beliefs a person has about their own self. Such as a “Messianic” Jew is often believed to be no longer still Jewish, by the Orthodox Jewish. Even too many who “identify” as Christian aren’t so according to the born-again bunches of Protestants. Who happen to be right about that, a lot of the time. While it’s easy to see that Conservatives and traditionalists are talking about a person’s biological sex when saying “gender, at birth,” too often they come off a ignorant because 1.7% (that’s almost 2 out of every 100 births) births do result in biologically intersex infants. Some of them appearing more so one way, or the other, but with more gender parts than just clearly male, or female. The truth is, not all babies are born clearly one gender, or another. Instead, it’s most babies are, the vast majority are born one way, or the other, but still when we have cities with half a million people in them, that leaves us with a great many of our neighbors whose parents had to decide what got kept, for them. Or whose parents let it go and let the kid chose, then did the fixing. Or maybe they didn’t, at all. Whether it was parents/guardians, or the child themselves who decides which way the wind blows on their gender, surgery, and hormones are often necessary. And we should all have great compassion on those issues of biological health needs. Still, that’s only for those parents/guardians in the minority (and their children) to deal with, and really none of our business. Yet, those who go publicly against politicians such as this Gov. Noem, need to have their facts straight and refrain from brainless statements like all people are either male or female, at birth. Because 1.7 births, per 100, are not just male or female, at birth. Unless one happens to be a Pastor to whom parents/guardians or the child themselves comes to for advice, (in which case, the good Pastor’s lead them to ask Jesus/Y’shua, it’s really none of our business. If ever there was a
    good place to protect someone’s privacy, that’s it. But to say people are always born one gender or the other is simply not factual. Too many on this earth weren’t. That’s not giving in to the “gays are born that way” bunch and that lie. That’s a different subject. Just like the “homophobe” slander and libel Libs and the LGBTQAI-ers throw around, at the least excuse, at anyone who reads their Bible as God’s (written) Word on these subjects and sides with God. (Like siding against Him is ever smart?) “Homophobe” literally means afraid of homosexuals. We don’t have to be afraid of them, to side with God on that subject, but radicals don’t want to hear us point that little truth out, either. They love too much turning a word into meaning things they don’t. Which is the new hobby of the Libs who purposely take “gender” to mean “personal opinions on one’s own self,” and thus such concepts do not exist at birth. Babies apparently do not yet even know their own mother’s bodies are apart from them, at first, so little do they have any such thing as personal identities yet. Her point is it’s not the LGBTQ idea of “gender,” at birth and she has that right. They define all “identity” as what someone choses to think about themselves. Well, what else can we expect from those who aren’t interested in God’s view of themselves, at all? They’d rather take the opinions of Teacher’s, or Psychologists, or the DSM V (which the US NIMH publicly rejected back in 2013). God’s opinion is what tells us we are right(eous). His opinion tells us if we are wrong. His opinion informs us if we are lying to ourselves. And that, most of all, is what is at odds with far too much of mankind, and it is one of the best reasons for disagreeing with Gov. Noem.


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