Disgruntled State Dept Employee States Donald Trump’s Term Ended Today

We posted a few hours ago … Did Donald Trump Term End Already?

We have found out the answer …

disgruntled state employee trump removal

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1 thought on “Disgruntled State Dept Employee States Donald Trump’s Term Ended Today”

  1. the right thing to do would have been to fire and publish the name. just like they do.

    our taxes pay the salary. so … i wanna know who abused my money. disgrunted?

    no, this is called abuse of power. what would left do to a guy like that? have 10 antifa goons outside his doors with a sign and news media waiting for them meeting head to head?

    learn from those that are successful. remember guys, there are more of us then them. trump won in a landslide. they are just emboldened. we have to do the same thing they do. just do it peacefully. we have oann.com. …

    1. find out the name of the guy
    2. find 20 people in masks
    3. go to his home when he least expects it
    4. ambush (peacefully)
    5. start yelling things like, “i pay your salary”,
    6. call the supervisors and ask to have him fired
    7. look for anything he has done wrong up to now – nobody’s perfect – but then publish it on OANN.
    8. NEVER SAY DISGRUNTED EMPLOYEE – find his overlordss…. nobody does these sorts of thigs spontaneously….
    9. Remember, always PEACEFULLY.


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