Pelosi Attempted to Stage ‘Military Coup’ Against Trump, NYT Reports

Definitely, an interesting commentary to read at the Media Research Center.

There has been a lot of talk about coups occurring at the Capitol last Wednesday, but one coup that hasn’t resulted in a demand to step down or resign was the one that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) seemingly attempted last Friday.

According to the New York Times, Pelosi “took the unprecedented step of asking the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff about ‘available precautions’ to prevent President [Donald] Trump from initiating military action abroad or using his sole authority to launch nuclear weapons in the last days of his term.

Source: Pelosi Attempted to Stage ‘Military Coup’ Against Trump, NYT Reports


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3 thoughts on “Pelosi Attempted to Stage ‘Military Coup’ Against Trump, NYT Reports”

  1. President Trump is our president till the 20th and maybe after.. Nancy needs to shut her nasty mouth. We are tired of her and her sheep. Biden has advanced Alzheimer’s and legally can not sign anything legal.

  2. nancy has been talking all these years. nasty she is, but to shut her up, we haave to start using their tactics.

    1. leave all THEIR social media sites (MOST IMP). DELETE FACEBOOK.
    2. promote rapid mass exodus on any site that censors us. MUST DELETE accounts so that the owners dont claim an inflated number of users and so that patriots dont have a chance to come back. literally LEAVE
    3. Dont donate to any politician who is not advocating for paying off the national debt. Billions to foreign countries? AUDIT THE FED!
    4. Leave the sites that support BLM even if they dont censor us. Ask Candace Owens and other black leaders to initiate the exodus. We are not racist. Dont let them sell the narrative. Anyone sensoring or promoting that ideology should be our target.
    5. Dont use Fox, Breitbart, … etc. watch out. Fox used to be our friend. Breitbart too. but they sold out. OANN? yes for now. you sell out? we need to have our voice.
    6. the list goes on and on….


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