Moderna — Our Vaccine Acts Like an Operating System

Moderna has developed a means by which to load an Operating System into your body and they are proud to explain it! Check it out!

Read the Moderna information … mRNA Platform_ Drug Discovery & Development – Moderna

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8 thoughts on “Moderna — Our Vaccine Acts Like an Operating System”

  1. This kind of science should be strictly regulated by moral people, not given free reign by immoral government through liability protection. Sure, it has potential, but the risks are incredibly large. This is reckless. How are we just allowing this human experiment to move forward without any discussion? Fear and ignorance!

  2. Merck has already released a public statement that they decided to not develop a vaccine based on the fact that the best resistence to the virus is the natural state of body immune system.

  3. This technology should not be administered to any living thing. The people who develop and implement such are criminals to the human race.

    I suppose now you can track me!!??

  4. I don’t think this is actually technology. It is cutting medical science that could possibly have an impact on other diseases, maybe even cancer??? I am not an expert in this area but I have had a physiology course that spoke about DNA and mRNA. The M is for messenger. I think the person who wrote the explanation about the vaccine said their process acts “like” an operating system in attempt to explain it in terms that a lot of people might understand. The word “like” is very important to pay attention to here because the explanation says “like” an operating system not an operating system. A vaccine is not technology to me it is a medicine. Therefore, there is no way to track anyone who chooses to get a Covid shot.

    • Afraid not. It is actually a chip. There are videos online everywhere showing those who had the vaccine doing the magnet test. Magnet sticks to the vaccine site.

      • The vaccine vials are multi-dose vials which means there is more than one shot in each vial. The last I heard there are at least 5 doses (shots) in each vial. If your theory is correct there would have to be 5 chips in each vial. The person drawing up the shot would have to be able to draw up one chip each time. I have drawn up medicine before, I don’t see how it would be possible to insure this was done. Also, everyone would be able to see the chips in the vial. How would each chip be matched up with person receiving the shot?? I think that would be impossible. I still would consider the vaccine a medicine not a tracking mechanism.


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