Rand Paul vs. Rachel Levine: Do You Support Government Overriding Parental Consent On Puberty Blockers?

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1 thought on “Rand Paul vs. Rachel Levine: Do You Support Government Overriding Parental Consent On Puberty Blockers?”

  1. It’s because of the love of money.

    Alcohol Anonymous famous Serenity Prayer goes,

    “God grant me the Serenity (peace/shalom)
    to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can, and
    Wisdom to know the difference ”

    Instead, first our nations taught our females that they do not have to become mothers, ever, no matter how much they fornicate.

    Then, no matter what their husbands and/or fathers of the unborn they carry desire.

    Then, we taught all our children, male and female alike (and yes, the one’s born intersex) that they could experiment with any gender sexually too

    Then, we taught them that everyone has to accept and tolerate and even love them, no matter what “orientation” they chose to be. That they could chose their own gender identity.

    Now, we teach them that they do not have to become sexual adults, ever. In fact they may keep their child-like bodies and never accept grown up sexualized ones. They may even invent their own personal gender types.

    In other words, it’s not enough to let “healthcare professionals” play with ours and our children’s minds, inventing Psychological “sins” to replace biblical ones, and drugs to alter our minds and our children’s minds. Now, our nation lets the “healthcare” industry play in a new field, that of the bodies of not just we adults, but with our children’s bodies too.

    Next, they will allow children to chose piercings too (besides cultural earlobes of baby girls and circumcisions of baby boys) and children giving their own approvals for sexual activities too. France has been allowing that last one, up to this last year, when it got caught out, finally.

    When a child chooses to never grow up, to remain in a child’s body, how is that not going to impact on that child’s parents?

    Thanks be to Elohim.


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