Netanyahu Equates Google = Gulag

Whenever I read through Twitter, I love reading Yair Netanyahu’s posts as he’s saying probably what his father, Benjamin Natanyahu, is thinking!  You have to understand the mindset of Israelis as the holocaust is always being reminded within the culture of Israel.  This is his latest tweet … perhaps this is what he really thinks of Google!

Is a War Coming with Iran?

Whenever I read the news, I’m also reading between the lines. I carefully watch what all politicians say and what they tweet as it gives an understanding — if you’re looking!  Secretary Mike Pompeo has been tweeting literally every 30 minutes to an hour a similar message … all dealing with Iran!  All today!

Follow up: The next day Israel struck Iranian targets all over Syria and Iraq

Read between the lines … in preparation for the inauguration

Read between the lines …

FBI announces that all 50 capitols are under threat [ Troops will be OUT at all 50 CAPITOLS! ]

President Trump approves emergency declaration for DC ahead of inauguration [ Why is Trump going to protect the Inauguration? ]

As many as 15,000 National Guardsmen could be in U.S. capital for presidential inauguration [ No longer 6,500 troops … but 15,000 ]

Just a Thought to Ponder

All across social media, I’ve yet to find a SINGLE politician from the right NOT denounce in the strongest of terms the breach of the Capitol building!  With which I agree.

However, in the same breath, how many leftists denounced the violence and destruction of BLM / ANTIFA that are STILL occurring today?

Just a thought to ponder …