Read between the lines … in preparation for the inauguration

Read between the lines …

FBI announces that all 50 capitols are under threat [ Troops will be OUT at all 50 CAPITOLS! ]

President Trump approves emergency declaration for DC ahead of inauguration [ Why is Trump going to protect the Inauguration? ]

As many as 15,000 National Guardsmen could be in U.S. capital for presidential inauguration [ No longer 6,500 troops … but 15,000 ]

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6 thoughts on “Read between the lines … in preparation for the inauguration”

    • No. The Military is there for Trump. There may be Marshall law but only to arrest the traitors who have been infiltrating our country for years.

  1. i call BS. Trump is a nice guy but has been talking from both sides of his mouth since the election. Sidney Powell, Gen Flynn, Patrick Byrne etc… gave him all the data necessary to call the Marshall Law. BS. Hopefully he wont be impeached and can push through a few more last min changes. This BS reading between the lines must stop. Trump failed to lead @ this crucial moment. He had his chance. Now we are left with goons emboldened. He made us go to DC and then instead of regrouping on the spot calling all the patriots out of the capitol he started saying what happened was wrong? and yes, antifa started the whole stuff, it waas pre-planned, but he had to fight it using their tactics. Pull the troops back and ask, WHO KILLED UNARMED ASHLEE? We want anwers NOW.

    DONT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER HE HAS. He has not been using it well enough since 11/3/2020

  2. instead of asking who is the person who put bullet into Ashlee’s neck and who were his overlords, trump is ensuring that antifa dont mess up his legacy by burning down all the capitols around the country.

    he should have stopped his speech and called out all the patriots out of the capitol. saying, they were duped into going there. we were there for peace.

    very sad. trump is a very savvy politician but this time he lost. and this is the time it mattered the most. it’s not about this one election. it wouldnt matter. it’s about the fact that they are now emboldened to go WAY WAY WAY beyond what is acceptable UNPUNISHED. And what is worse, can you be so sure that dominion will not steal again?

    Lin Wood is not always right. But regarding GA both Sidney and Lin Wood were saying dont vote. FIRST ENSURE THE SAFE ELECTIONS. WTF

    it’s ok to lose. but like this?


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