VP Harris Says Supreme Court’s 2nd Amendment Decision Defies the Constitution

Vice President Kamala Harris disagreed with the Supreme Court’s decision that struck down a New York law requiring people to show a need for carrying a gun to get a license to have one in public. The justices said the requirement violates the Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms.” However, Harris commenting on the decision stated, it “defies common sense and the Constitution.”

On the floor of the house, Rep. Chip Roy explains “Why we have a 2nd amendment?”

“We have a Second Amendment because we understand in this country that there are some things, inalienable rights, that you cannot justly take away from a free and equal human being,” stated Rep. Chip Roy (R-Tx). He continued, “Tyrants disarm the people they intend to oppress!”

Repeal the Gun-Free Zone Act

“The biggest thing we can do here today is repeal the 1990 Gun-Free School Zone Act so that the default condition in this country is not to advertise every student as a target,” Rep. Massie said in a Congressional hearing.

“In those states and in those school districts where that’s happened where they’ve allowed qualified teachers and staff, there hasn’t been a single mass shooting at one of those schools,” Mr Massie said. “There hasn’t been a single shooting of one person in one of those schools.”

Rep. Thomas Massie Details Many Examples of ‘good people with a gun’ stopped mass shootings

“My Democrat colleagues are either being willfully ignorant or deceptive regarding the dozens of times where “good people with a gun” have stopped mass public shootings,” stated Rep. Thomas Massie. Afterward, Massie details examples of ‘good people with a gun’ stopping mass shootings.

Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘This Bill Is Just Another Democrat Attack on the 2nd Amendment’

“The bill won’t make your school safer. It will hamper the rights of law-abiding citizens, and it will do nothing to stop mass shootings. We need to get serious about understanding why this keeps happening. Democrats are always fixated on curtailing the rights of law-abiding citizens, rather than trying to understand why this evil happens.”