Fed Chairman: Inflation Was High Before the War in Ukraine

At the end of May, Biden seized on an Oval Office meeting with Fed Chair Powell to argue that while fighting price increases is his top priority, that work was primarily the purview of the Federal Reserve.

“My plan is to address inflation. That starts with a simple proposition: respect the Fed, respect the Fed’s independence, which I have done and will continue to do,” Biden said.

Additionally, Biden placed the blame for Americans’ suffering squarely on the shoulders of Russian president Vladimir Putin and his “Putin Price Hike.”

Sen Bill Hagerty (R-TN) addressed the Biden narrative, noting that “the problem [of inflation] hasn’t sprung out of nowhere,” before asking Powell the following question:

“Would you say that the war in Ukraine is the primary driver of inflation in America?”

Powell’s response:

“No. Inflation was high, certainly before the war in Ukraine broke out.”

Joe Biden on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

“And so — I mean that sincerely. I often get asked — look, the Republicans don’t play it square, why do you play it square? Well, guess what, if we do the same thing they do, our democracy will literally be in jeopardy. Not a joke,” President Joe Biden said.

Kimmel asked Biden, “how do you ever make any progress if they’re not following the rules?”

“You’ve got to send them to jail,” the “no-joke” Biden said.

“I don’t think the country will stand for it,” Biden said of a possible Roe defeat in the Supreme Court on Kimmel. “If in fact the decision comes down the way it does, and these states impose the limitations they’re talking about, it’s going to cause a mini-revolution and they’re going to vote these folks out of office.”

George Soros Says He Worked with Biden “Who Was Very Deeply Involved in Ukraine”

George Soros stated last week at the World Economic Forum, “We have a foundation in Ukraine and it happens to be one of our best foundations… I also want to mention that there’s one person who was very deeply involved in Ukraine and that’s Biden. In fact, I got to know him with regard to Ukraine. He had a lot more patience than I had.”

Half of Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers Are Fake, Audit Reveals

Almost half of President Joe Biden’s current 22.2 million followers on Twitter are fake accounts, according to an audit tool provided by software company SparkToro.

SparkToro’s tool found that 49.3 percent of accounts following the official @POTUS Twitter account are “fake followers” based on analysis of a number of factors, including location issues, default profile images and new users.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is currently trying to buy Twitter, has expressed concerns about the number of fake accounts and a potential crack down could see users such as Biden lose a huge number of followers. — Source: NewsWeek

CNN Contributor Calls Trump Supporters ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Does it sound like we are heading toward a path of healing? Who are the domestic terrorists? Earlier, we posted that the Biden Administration is going to make it a priority of passing a new domestic terrorist law.

cnn domestic terrorist


Do you think that Joe Biden’s ‘America United’ as inauguration theme fits in today’s narrative?

Will we be the TRUE AMBASSADORS of peace? Will we as believers rise up to be ministers of reconciliation? It’s darkest … just before the dawn!