China Exposed!

We published a story today that was originally covered in Sky News Australia. I doubt the US will cover the story … as they’ve been burying stories. But WATCH carefully how many people in recent days have been revealed as working with CHINA. Watch how this connects to the elections … with everything happening.

Sky News Australian television and The Australian newspaper said the leak of official membership records — the first of its kind in the world — exposed details of 1.95 million CCP members, including their position, birth date, and ethnicity.


Let’s go through what’s been exposed this week.  We did not publish this story … YET on Worthy News, however, the rumors are circulating across the web.

Suspected Chinese Spy Had Sex With U.S. Mayors, Befriended Congressman: Report – [ Source ]

China’s ‘hybrid war’: Beijing’s mass surveillance of Australia and the world for secrets and scandal – [ Source }